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PALATE: Emphasis on the Journey

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Traveling is a remedy for the soul. For some people, traveling is a hobby, business, or a much needed break from the day-to-day. Regardless the reason, memories are always made on the journey. An unmentioned part of the transit from one place to another is "the experience". Here's how we developed the experience.

The Experience

The journey truly begins at the first thought of preparing for your journey. PALATE travel was created to give you a serene completeness during your travel event. Specific functional and aesthetic qualities in travel products were missing. Our solution to the overlooked and unvarying significance of the travel experience was created in our travel accessories. We have improved your journey by creating a unique brand of products that we wear and products that we guarantee you will appreciate.

A Trio Squared

From the beginning, PALATE founders stood by 3 main pillars: comfort, functionality, and style. The concept to improve your experience was easy based on the available travel accessories. When you travel often, you become aware of how your trip can be enhanced. The challenge was executing the production of all 3 pillars simultaneously. Our designs are clean and defined. An unforced style that compliments a traveler's personality with an appreciation for originality.

The squared serving of the trio represents our PALATE color collections: High Greens, Jet Black, and Island Beige sets. Our High Green Collection is for the adventurer who is comfortable in nature's environment. Our Jet Black Collection is for the business professional with a polished taste. Our Island Beige Collection is a tropical destination of sun rays and sting rays, this traveler admires saltwater. With a trio of colors, these collections could easily become your favorite.

Infused with Detail

A business owner's goal is to create a fresh lane specifically for their merchandise. We can genuinely relay that our goal was to be creative in the travel universe. We accomplished that with the details you can only find in our travel accessories.

The details:

  • Extended length of our neck pillow hoodies

  • Microfiber layered mask

  • Identifiable luggage cover with secure fitting

  • Comfortable and lightweight travel slides

Is PALATE More Than a Travel Accessory Brand?

Absolutely. We offer more than just travel accessories. We forecast our brand pushing a blend of travel accessories and travel data. A network that caters to the journey. Destination highlights. Informative travel updates. Travel blogs. Visual travel excursions and more. The difference between ordinary and innovative. From one traveler to another, we welcome you to our experience.

Since traveling is a remedy for the soul, then it is a lifestyle. If you travel, PALATE is for you and travelers around the world. We emphasize the journey at PALATE by catering to the future of travel.

Welcome Aboard #PalateTravel.

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