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Flight COVID-19: A New World

Many travelers are ready to explore their next destinations after surviving the pandemic.

How have you prepared to travel amidst COVID-19? Do you wear a mask, gloves, carry sanitizer while traveling? What about travel accommodations, are you sanitizing the air, wiping down everything with sanitizing wipes, thoroughly cleaning the hotel bathroom? In this blog post, let's discuss how the coronavirus has changed traveling...better yet, life forever.


A New Norm

COVID-19 and some of it's variants in our new world:

  • SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19)

  • Omicron and BA.2 (Omicron subvariant)

  • Delta (predominant version of the coronavirus)

  • Delta AY.4.2 (not Delta Plus)

  • Beta (50% more contagious than original coronavirus strain)

  • Alpha (faded away with the rise of Delta)

We are not scientists. We are travel connoisseurs. If you would’ve asked us a year ago if COVID-19 would have a 6-month old grip on the world today.. in June 2022 and how we travel the world, I would have answered confidently “I don't know". The real questions were, "when and where can we start traveling again? When will the world re-open? Honestly, the world is still learning how to sustain traveling and assure health on flights with passengers who aren't vaccinated, asymptomatic, or has symptoms of COVID-19. The Coronavirus is the present-day flu, everyone will eventually be exposed. Since it’s 2020 arrival, it's been an adjustment living amongst COVID-19 versus living without it. Do you remember sanitizing stations at every entrance, social distancing floor stickers, temperature check protocols, carrying & packing spare masks...Reader, this was our new normal. PALATE supports the fundamentals of COVID-19 and we believe they should still apply. Our new normal is adjusting to a virus that is at our departing and arriving locations while traveling nationally and internationally.


Are We Post COVID-19 Yet?

If history teaches us anything, it gives substantial information on the here and now. For example, the influenza (flu) outbreak swept the world in 1918 and the flu shot is a vaccine available today, over 100 years later. Put things in a real perspective of a post COVID-19 world.

What I’m sure of is we are absolutely unsure of when the future of the world will be post COVID-19. The future of traveling in the “old normal" conditions or pre-COVID, seems light years away. Until then, we have accepted our new world of unstaffed restaurants, washing our hands at least 10 times a day, and making a monthly budget for mask and sanitizing purchases.


Practice Good Sense

If you decide to travel outside your bubble this summer, these specific tips when combined with good sense, can make all the difference.

  • Bring sanitizer and antibacterial wipes (at least 60% alcohol) while traveling. *Make sure you wash your hands before adding sanitizer. Wipe down arm rests, seat belts, tray tables, or just everything you touch.

  • Wear a mask. Cover your mouth and nose please. That's it for this tip.

  • Try to restrain from drinking alcohol on your flight. Not only for dehydration caused by alcohol while in the plane's dry environment, but because alcohol weakens your immune system. Drink water.

  • Avoid touching your mouth, eyes, and nose. If you choose to wear gloves instead of wiping down areas with antibacterial wipes, please change your gloves after touching public spaces.


Catered to the Journey

As lovers of traveling, it is critical to research current travel updates and adjust as necessary. Some countries are not yet open to travel due to COVID-19. Be prepared when planning your next trip in our new world. Traveling in a COVID-19 world is exhausting. However, it is our hope to provide you with good traveling habits and leave COVID-19 on the flight. Unlike no one else, we cater to the journey.


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