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Packing 101:

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

"The Pack Lights" or "The Impossibles"

With the best intention to pack less and fit the entirety of your belongings inside a carry on,

you still end up overpacking. Like many of us, we check in our luggage. Some of us even pay an overweight baggage fee. You're sick of it and you tell yourself, one day I will learn how to pack light.

Packing light is a real feat. It's right up there with portion control at a resort buffet. This blog is the result of a IRL packing dilemma at PALATE. We're speaking from continuous overweight baggage fees and overpacking experiences.

First things first, most airlines accept carry-on suitcases with the dimensions of 22 x 14 x 9 inches* and a maximum weight of 25 pounds*. In addition to your carry-on, airlines also allow passengers to carry a purse, back pack, or a briefcase. Some airlines accept one checked bag and some international airlines charge for checked baggage (say what?!). As avid travelers, the goal is to attempt to pack light every time. You may find it difficult to imagine taking only a carry on suitcase for a 4-5 day vacation. You cannot do it. You're thinking...

  1. Options. Any alternative clothes or "just in case clothes" won't fit.

  2. 2-a-day. A day & night outfit is normal, plus shoes.

  3. Accessories and miscellaneous items. (liquor, hats, perfume, etc..)

The Pack Lights

I have a travel question: are there any readers who can pack everything inside a carry-on, no checked luggage? A true divergent you are. If you already pack light, you're the MVT (most valuable traveler)! Not only do you prevent additional luggage costs, you leave immediately after disembarking the plane. Saving time and money. Round of applause. You are the 2% of the world that has optimized the art of packing down to the absolute necessity. However, if you could use a few pointers to avoid over packing, the next section is for you.

The (Im)Possibles

To become a pack light traveler, here are a few pointers to make the impossible, possible.

1. Make a Packing List

Why didn't you think of that right? Sounds easy in theory until you actually get around to it. Making a list of all the items you want to pack is a plus to packing light. Especially last minute packing.

2. Learn the Rolling Fold Technique

Yes, rolling fold is a thing. When traveling, learning the "rolling fold" technique is half the battle. This process is great for shirts, hoodies, and pants. However, it will easily wrinkle your clothes. If you have items that can't be folded, lay those garments on the top of the clothes or at the very bottom.

3. Put Items in Other Items

This was an accident that worked out perfectly. Putting your socks in shoes, jewelry in socks, and any small items that can fit in another item of clothing maximizes space. 5-6 pair of socks can easily pile up.

4. Wear the Heavy

If you need more space, layer up. Wear the heavy shoes, the big jackets, and the big sweater. You can also "wear the heavy" by adding items that are in compliance with the airline restricted items (such as liquids, gels, or pastes in bottles no larger than 3.4 ounces) inside of your personal bag. Make-up & jewelry too.

Travel Better

Packing light is easily read than done. Airlines depend more and more on baggage fees to turn a profit. And they do profit. According to an Upgraded Points data study, "baggage fee revenue makes up 19%, 16%, and 14% for the low-cost carriers like Spirit, Frontier, and Allegiant, respectively" . This is why it's cheaper to fly with certain airlines.

Your journey begins at the airline check-in. Your luggage and the stress of weight restrictions is now one less thing to worry about. Don't forget to use your PALATE A.M. luggage cover to protect your precious cargo. Now, off you go Traveler. Pack light!


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