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First Class Wellness

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Do you travel first class? When you think of first class, comfort, personal space, and enhanced services comes to mind.

Can I have your attention please? you are always in first class when you prioritize yourself.

At Palate, first class is a state of mind. When you make decisions that activate your endorphins and replenish your cup, you are in first class mode. If it's a first class seat, then sit back, relax and enjoy a few wellness suggestions.

Wellness is the active pursuit of activities, lifestyles, and choices that lead to a state of complete health.

Everyday there's at least 20 work emails in your inbox, a slow driver in the left lane, a grocery list, a birthday party to plan, and/or 10 other things on your to-do list. In this blog, we share wellness adventures to pursue and incorporate into your lifestyle as frequent as possible.

What's a Wellness Adventure?

A wellness adventure is a personal event specific to the betterment & enjoyment of self. Let me put it another way... it's a deliberate effort to improve your mental and physical wellbeing keeping you ready to present your best self while pouring into others and completing your daily duties. Yes, the entire sentence. The wellness adventures below are simple and realistic.

Okay, okay, so now that we’ve introduced wellness adventures, what does that look like:

Frozen Yogurt

Yummy and delicious. Hey, before you judge you should try these toppings:

-Chocolate chips

-Fresh banana or mango

-Cookie dough

-Waffle chips


It something about eating healthier ice cream that puts a smile on my heart. (happy dance).


This includes yoga, stretching, walking, and dancing.

Do what feels good to YOUR body and soul. Just release those feel good endorphins.

Quality Time

Spending quality time with family, friends, or alone is all a wellness adventure.

Showing those you love (including you) is beneficial to them and you. You can spend quality time having controversial conversations, cooking together, listening to music, game night, date night, or even saying a prayer. Quality time is all about safe spaces and creating memories. (heart emoji).


Taking a week or two or three of vacation time to travel is an energy reset. A must for us.

Our #1 wellness adventure is travel. Most of our travel destinations involve a beach, but for you it may involve meditating in a rainforest or biking to a local coffee shop. A vacation with new discoveries, great food, and good company alleviates stress and refreshes creativity.

A wellness adventure is literally anything you desire. If it balances you, then it's good for you.

Daily Wellness is Impractical

Raise your hand if you think wellness adventures are unfeasible to your everyday life. The readers who raised their digital hands, this blog was written for you. Not only is it practical, it is essential. In order to embrace consistent wellness adventures, you have to prioritize your health. First class wellness is first class because you only deserve the best. Those that love you need you at your optimal wellbeing. Most importantly, you need YOU. Our advice: create space for wellness as much as you can.

CHEERS to wellness! (clink clank).

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